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Levaquin Plaintiff Seeks Compensation

Elise Kramer | October 17th, 2012

Plaintiff Kristen Llorente filed suit against defendants Ortho-McNeil Jansen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, and the McKesson Corporation on September 25, 2012, after allegedly experiencing complications resulting from her use of the antibiotic Levaquin, which is manufactured and distributed by the defendant companies. Her lawsuit, which was filed in the United States’ District Court for the Central District of California, references side effects of the antibiotic, which has been linked to tendon rupture and rotator cuff tears. Her Levaquin lawyers claim that the plaintiff has suffered significantly from these side effects; a number of plaintiffs with similar allegations are seeking either damages or settlements from the manufacturers.

Tendon rupture linked to Levaquin

Llorente’s lawsuit claims that she was prescribed the powerful antibiotic Levaquin. The drug is commonly used in adults to treat bacterial lung, sinus, skin, and urinary tract infections; it is effective on mild, moderate, and severe infections and comes in tablet, liquid, or injection form. Although the defendants allegedly marketed their product as a safe and effective antibiotic, it has in reality been linked to a number of serious conditions related to the muscles and tendons in the body; these include tendonitis, tendon rupture, tearing, deterioration, dehiscence, and other similar injuries.

The plaintiff claims that despite the risk, the defendants’ marketing strategy since the drug was introduced has been to market the product aggressively to patients and physicians while ignoring the potential risks that can be associated with it. She also claims that the defendants knew or should have known about the risks but failed to adequately warn patients about the potential dangers associated with using the medication in the interest of making a greater profit.

Plaintiffs seek settlements

Plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits related to the antibiotic are seeking Levaquin settlements that could help them cover injury-related costs like medical bills, lost wages, and loss of potential earnings. Patients continue to file lawsuits to this day with the help of experienced personal injury lawyers.

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